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Pig & Poultry Fair seeks the next generation of poultry professionals

The Poultry Industry Programme (PIP) is calling anyone planning their next career move to consider exciting opportunities in the poultry sector and to join a special hosted seminar at the 2018 Pig & Poultry Fair. Continue reading

Don’t miss National Grid’s deadline, warns Roadnight Taylor

Hugh Taylor

Time is running out for farmers and landowners who want to host a large-scale power generation or battery storage scheme, with the deadline for Capacity Market qualification looming. Continue reading

Top tips for smallholders to eradicate worms

Poultry worms can cause weight loss, diarrhoea, reduced productivity, anaemia, and even – in serious cases – death. Yet many smallholders are unaware of the need to treat their poultry regularly with a medicated wormer to tackle these pernicious parasites. So what do they need to know? Continue reading