For editors

All of us at Agri-hub have a background of farming and rural journalism. So we know what it’s like to receive yet another badly written press release extolling the virtues of something our readers have no interest in. We understand the need for balance and for interesting case studies. And we know that editorial budgets are increasingly pressured.

DSCF2520We have a large database of PR agencies and agricultural businesses who can provide articles covering a broad range of topics, from technical livestock features to machinery news; business specials to rural affairs. We can produce written copy to a high standard, as well as photos, videos and podcasts. Read some of our award-winning articles.

To ensure the best quality editorial, we ask for decent lead times wherever possible, but can also meet tight deadlines if necessary. While we will approach you with article ideas, we also encourage direct commissions – so if you need an article on any subject just get in touch. Or to hear what our clients think of us, click here.